Kansas City

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Free State Freecon - May 22, 2010 - Lawrence, KS

Just a brief update here. By request I'm posting a few cool shots we took at Planet Comiccon several weeks ago. Also wanted to give everyone a heads up of a con this upcoming weekend in Lawrence, KS (go KU!). Namely, the Free State Freecon (not sure what that name is all about). Go here for deets:


Also, wrote a funny little bit about the fun to be had at a comic book convention. This is especially eye opening for those that have never attended. But humorous either way. Click here to laugh until you pee. That's a guarantee. From me.


And now for those pics! (Still kicking myself for not taking a picture of Lou Ferrigno...)

Lou was just to the left of the Hulk. This statue stood 10 feet tall. That's a mile to you and me, Rus.

I tried to incite a gang war with some neighboring Jedi cosplay dudes. No dice. :(

Supergirl...nice. Gave me a total smurf-on.

So that's that. Very much looking forward to the Lawrence comic con this weekend. More content coming afterwards. Peace and chicken grease!


  1. Kansas is called "Free State" because before slavery was abolished Missouri was a slave state and Kansas free. Many bloody battles ensued because of this. Check out some history on John Brown(yay!) and William Quantrill(boo!). This year PBS made a great documentary about the Border Wars. The hatred between the two states goes back centuries.

    Speaking of Free State, Casey and yourself need to go try a few brews at Free State Brewery. They have some tasty micros.

    I can't believe you didn't take a picture of Lou Ferrigno. LAME!!!

  2. *Sigh* I know. Missed my opp.

    Good stuff about the free state history. I'm playing a new video game right now called Red Dead Redemption which is set in cowboy times and reeks of awesomeness! I even watched a bit of History Channel last night. :)