Kansas City

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chuck Norris will krinkle your comic books and roundhouse kick your dog

Okay, Chuckie may not actually do those things. But he totally could if he wanted to.

This is an actual comic book advertisement from the 80s. I remember seeing this in middle school and thinking, "Totally awesome! I've gotta get these!"

What I find interesting is the marketing approach behind these "action jeans." I mean, really, who was their target demographic? 

In the 80s, for the most part it was adolescent pre-pube little boys reading comics. So I guess the thinking was, "Hey, in case a kid gets into a rumble after school and finds himself needing to swiftly roundhouse kick somebody in the adam's apple--we got it covered! And make sure the jeans are extra stretchy. Wouldn't want the scrote to make an unannounced appearance."

Needless to say, Mom refused to order the jeans. Guess she didn't see how badly I needed pants that "won't bind your legs." Dammit Mom...