Kansas City

Monday, March 15, 2010

Comic book recon part deux - nerds unite!

Continuing in my research phase, we had 2 smallish comic book conventions in KC this month which I attended. I refer to these as "mini-cons" because it allows me to sneak in a nerdy Transformers reference. Anyway, the KC metro has an annual big ass comic convention called "Planet Comicon" (http://www.planetcomicon.com/) which is actually quite fun. Incredible Hulk television star Lou Feriggno will be a guest this year. Awesome sauce! The Hulk is still as massively huge as ever. Quite an intimidating guy in person. He could place your head between his pecs and pop your head like a zit if he so desired. Although I have no idea why he would desire to do that.

Here's what I found interesting about the shows. Mini-con number 1 was the first weekend of March. Mini-con number 2 was the second weekend of March. Both of these cons are just a couple of weeks away from the once a year big ass convention. Anyone else see the fault in this? Spread it around, brotha! Jeez.

The only way one will learn of these super secret comic shows is to visit a comic book store and come across a flyer. Even Planet Comicon is guilty of this. Shame, shame, shame. Seems to me like comic shops would be the starting point to advertise a show, not the only place. I mean, c'mon--Lou Feriggno is going to be there! He's one of the most well known bodybuilders of all time! Take some flyers to the dozens and dozens of gyms in the area. Bump those Girls Gone Wild middle-of-the-night informercials and get a couple of quickie commericals going on local tv. Jane Wiedlin of the Go Gos is another big name that will be there. Shouldn't there be some flyers in local record stores? Shouldn't the powers that be look to grow the con every year, rather than settling for just the traffic that frequents a comic book store?

As for a report card for the 2 mini-cons, they were both okay. Very average. Very mediocre. Not good, not bad. Lots of quarter boxes. Little air circulation (smelly). I struggled to figure out how to get on their mailing lists so I would be notified of future shows. Once again, lots of opportunity.

Need to complete a bit more R&R (research and recon in this case) before taking it to the next step. Stay tuned, true believers. More to come shortly. You'll likely see another update shortly after Planet Comicon the weekend of March 27th. I'll be the one guy there with a girlfriend. You may also recognize me if you happen to catch someone spraying the attendees down with Febreeze as they walk by. Unfortunately a lack of social skills seems to directly correlate with a lack of personal hygiene. P-U.